Say Good-bye to Rush Hours

Dining room at Lincoln Melia Medical Center Apartments in Houston

According to the US Census Bureau, Texas added more people last year than any other state. Of course the greater Houston area welcomed in the most transplants at over 159,000 people. That is in just one year alone! And you thought Houston traffic was bad before. Houston doesn’t have rush hour, it has rush hours. More and more workers are trying to find ways to work from home to avoid this, or to live close to their workplaces. If you work in the Medical Center, less than three miles away is Melia Medical Center luxury apartments.

If you are lucky to be able to telecommute, no need to just stay in your apartment. You can go to the lounge and work on your Power Point presentation, spreadsheet or report in the lounge. Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the common areas of the property. So, you can check email while you peddle on a stationary bike or walk on one of the treadmills. Draft a memo at the pool while soaking up some vitamin D. All of these work options are possible at Melia Medical Center.

However, there are lots of recreational options as well at this very same location. In fact, the staff is planning a pool party which is happening later this month. Past activities include outdoor movie screenings at the pool and complimentary breakfast burritos. Of course complimentary burritos aren’t given out every day, but you can get coffee at the coffee bar.

So, just make sure to balance both the fun and the work at Melia Medical Center luxury apartments.

Melia Medical Center-August 19 IMAGE


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