Rain Drops on Roses, but Not on Carpet

Rain boots

Have you noticed when you are out of town and you meet someone new and that person finds out you live in Houston, he or she almost always commits on the humidity? Well, that’s because Houston gets a lot of rain, as I’m sure everyone knows and has seen the countless news stories of the flooding, and maybe you have even been unable to get around town yourself. The US Climate Data reports average rainfall is over 45 inches and rain falls on average 106 days a year. Melia Medical Center luxury apartments make it easier to stay dry and keep your apartment clean in the process.

Imagine you have just left your office and you find yourself in a downpour on 610. Luckily you did see last night’s newscast, so your umbrella is in the car. If you have faith in your weatherman for delivering accurate coverage then you are wearing your newest pair of fashionable rain boots. You are wishing and hoping you make it home safely and no one drives too crazily and causes some wreck ahead of you. Once you pull into your apartment, you are so thankful you chose to live at Melia Medical Center because of the covered parking. So, you don’t get wet coming out of the car and gathering your purse, your computer bag and any other bag you need inside.

After unlocking your front door, you don’t have to worry about getting your carpet all muddy because your entrance is ceramic tiled. So, you sit on a little stool and remove those soaking rain boots and leave them and your umbrella on your patio near the door to dry.

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