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From the Melia Chronicles

Rain Drops on Roses, but Not on Carpet

Have you noticed when you are out of town and you meet someone new and that person finds out you live in Houston, he or she almost always commits on the humidity? Well, that’s because Houston gets a lot of rain, as I’m sure everyone knows and has seen the countless news stories of the flooding, and maybe you...

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Say Good-bye to Rush Hours

According to the US Census Bureau, Texas added more people last year than any other state. Of course the greater Houston area welcomed in the most transplants at over 159,000 people. That is in just one year alone! And you thought Houston traffic was bad before. Houston doesn’t have rush hour, it has rush hours....

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What’s Going on in Houston?

At the luxury apartment community of Melia Medical Center, we like to give our residents as many chances as possible to become acquainted with their community. This is why we bring you news of events happening in the Houston area that you can go out and enjoy. We believe that becoming more involved with your...

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