B1: The Ideal Luxury 2 Bed 2 Bath

Finding the ideal living situation for you and your roommate can be a difficult task. There are many communities that offer 2 bedroom units, they just don’t live up to you or your roommate’s standards. Before you decide to settle and live somewhere that you both will hate, there may be another option for you. Here at the luxury apartment community of Melia Medical Center we have our B1 unit that is perfect for those looking for luxury that both of you can enjoy.

Entertainment Value

In our B1 model we give you the space to be able to entertain friends and family. Host a lavish dinner party in your dining area. Of course, you can’t have a dinner party if you don’t have the proper space in the kitchen for the prep. This is why we have each of our B1 units fitted with stainless steel appliances and great cabinet space to help you and your roommate. Want to have some friends over for a movie? In this luxury apartment unit, we give you a great amount of living area space to facilitate such a gathering.

Separate Living, Together

The bedroom setup of this unit gives each of the people living within a certain sense of privacy. Each bedroom and bathroom is set up on opposing sides of the apartment. Also both roommates are given enough room in their personal living space to decorate how they desire. We understand that when living with someone else, having a little personal space is good for the roommate relationship.

If you have been searching for 2 bedroom units, or any other luxury units, and have been coming up with unsatisfactory results call us or come by today so that we could get you scheduled for a viewing or start your application process. We look forward to seeing you!


Ready to Move?

Imagine a partnership of craftsmanship, architecture, and design so elegant and yet so practical, that it creates the rare combination of custom home with community convenience. A lush tropical ambiance surrounds you, where just minutes from your front door you will find the world renowned Texas Medical Center, Downtown, and Reliant Stadium. Melia Medical Center offers it all, come feel at home!

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